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Do you love gift cards? We bet you do, and so do your customers! Gift cards are a great way of giving gifts that will be loved. And for independent retailers, they are a great way to boost sales. Does your store have a gift card program?

With MercuryGift solutions from EZB, launching and managing your gift card program, keeping track of your gift cards and increasing your revenue has never been easier!

MercuryGift card program delivers everything you need to generate new revenue for your independent retail business, increase brand exposure and easily manage gift card sales for one store or an entire chain.

MercuryGift is full of rich features that help independent retailers just like you create new profit centers with very little effort or expense. Our integrated platform enables automated funds transfers, reconciliation and a variety of reporting options, so you can track gift card sales and activity without extra bookkeeping effort.

Contact us to learn how MercuryGift solutions from EZB
can help you improve your business and save money!


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