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Customer Loyalty Programs

Reward your loyal customers and keep them coming back with our advanced customer loyalty programs

Working with the leading technology providers, EZB develops customer loyalty programs that will meet the needs of your retail store. Industry leading customer loyalty solutions from Retail Hero are easily integrated with your POS, they include either magnetic or barcode cards with your branding and design that will be reminding your customers of their favorite store and keeping them coming back.

These are just a few of the popular cash- or item-based customer loyalty solutions EZB offers:

Happy checks

A unique customer loyalty program brings the customer back to your stores sooner and more often! As a form of redemption, the program uses personalized coupons with a dollar value that can be redeemed at your store before the expiration date.


These loyalty programs from EZB Solutions reward loyal customers who continuously buy in the same families of products. When customers buy a preset amount of products from a product group, they get the next purchase of a product from that group for free or with a discount. This scenario is ideal for “Buy 10 Bags Get 1 Free” style programs for various verticals.

Hero Points

A cash-spent based loyalty program that rewards your customers with a configurable number of points per item purchased or per dollar spent. When the number of collected points reaches a threshold, they can be redeemed for discounts at the POS.

Not sure which model is right for you? Our experts will study the sales trends of your store and recommend what will work best in your case.

Ready to reward your loyal customers and give your sales a boost?