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Shift4 Payment Integration for Retail Management Hero features

  •  Completely FREE!
  •  Many device options, anything certified for the Shift4 UTG will work
  •  Select transaction signature limits
  •  Pre-Dip Functionality! – pre-dip functionality delivers meaningful time savings to merchants, as customers can swipe their card anytime during checkout and put their card back in their wallet—even before total.

Why Shift4?

  •  Competitive, transparent pricing — we’ll even match or beat your current processing rate
  • Free EMV devices for each workstation, including a lifetime warranty on all equipment
  • True plug-and-play experience, thanks to our in-house key injection facility (KIF) and device management
  • Lighthouse Business Manager, which delivers powerful tools for reporting, customer engagement, online reputation management, chargeback management, and more
  • Advanced transaction auditing

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