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The best eCommerce solutions money can buy!

As the amount of online transactions keeps growing and is now measured by billions, taking your retail business online is a logical step to take if you haven’t done it yet. Being an authorized reseller of WebSell eCommerce solutions, EZB brings you the best integrated eCommerce solutions on the market today.

WebSell’s integrated eCommerce solution includes everything you need to put your retail business online; helping you reach a wider audience, sell more to your new and existing customers while keeping your inventory up-to-date with minimal effort. With eCommerce integrated into your POS system, your retail system database drives in-store and online sales channels, leaving you free from double-entry or spreadsheet uploads.


WebSell eCommerce from EZB Solutions bring you the following benefits:

  • Seamless Synchronization – Sync your stock levels, descriptions and pictures automatically, download orders and populate payment information, customer data, transaction items, taxes and shipping charges to your retail management system.
  • Centralized Data Management – Easily manage your items, customers and reports from one point.
  • Single or Multi-Store Operation – Transparent connection and inventory management from retail stores to one or more online channels.
  • Advanced Navigation – Leverage our Product Attribute Manager to add rich content and display options, allowing for easy navigation and a responsive shopping experience.
  • Quick & Easy to Maintain – Easily add new inventory items to your online eCommerce channel by simply checking a box in item setup.
  • Marketing and Promotions Tracking – Store promotions and discounts can be extended to the web in just a few clicks. Promo coupons can also be tracked for campaign success analysis.
  • Easy Order Fulfillment – Tax and shipping charges for online and offline sales are kept consistent.
  • Internationalization and multi-currency support – support for multiple languages and currencies for global market access.

Take your Retail Store online with the best eCommerce solutions money can buy!