Grocery Stores

Bringing Point-of-Sale (POS) hardware and software to independent Grocery Stores, EZB Solutions helps your business deliver excellent service that match the quality desired by your clients. Over the years, we have delivered superior POS systems to Grocery Stores throughout the United States.

Our POS systems will help you improve the following features of your Grocery Store:

    • Customer Management: Track your loyal customers and study their buying habits with our efficient POS solutions. With their help, you will be able to tailor sales, in-store events and promotions to better meet your loyal customers’ interests. You will have all the information and tools you need to develop incentives with discounts and sales as well as reward your frequent buyers with loyalty and frequent shopper programs while boosting your bottom line.
    • Purchasing and Receiving: Our Point-of-Sale solutions make it easier to access multiple suppliers and maintain ordering requirements, even those including minimum ordering quantities. With EZB Solutions, you can track multiple suppliers to determine the best buying opportunities and even import your suppliers’ inventory to come up with unique items and product bundles.
    • Inventory: Point-of-Sale solutions from EZB allow you to easily accommodate multiple inventory types including produce, bulk items and prepared foods. Reporting on inventory movement, including slow and fast moving items, has never been easier, as well as tracking sales by department and category to determine profit and loss.
    • POS Functionality: Our fast and easy checkout allows independent retailers just like you to provide superior customer service in their stores. Creating item labels and shelf tags for pricing could not be any faster. Being able to easily setup high speed checkout lanes with touch screens and scanning, and integrate scales for effective price management, you will see it for yourself why more and more Grocery Stores turn to EZB Solutions for the unbeatable functionality of their POS tools .

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