San Francisco Bay Company Puts Tech on the Menu

Bars & restaurants offered intuitive POS solution to serve up better business


Confusing, wrong or even missed orders, disgruntled customers waiting far too long only to not get what they want, and slow service, can all be the hallmarks of some independent bars and restaurants that rely on old fashioned management solutions. However, one Santa Clara IT company is set to give the San Francisco Bay Area hospitality industry a boost with the very latest in point-of-sale (POS) software that for all its cutting-edge innovation, requires little technical support.

EZB Solutions has teamed up with Dinerware, to offer a reliable, integrated, and intuitive system, so that hospitality businesses across the county and beyond can run a smoother service. Starting from 2014, Dinerware POS will help businesses in the region deliver a personal, friendly service to customers and quality cuisine, through promoting its innovative platform.

The San Francisco Bay Area is a renowned hospitality hub of fine dining restaurants, mom-and-pop diners, cafes and bars, serving cuisines from around the world. Popular with locals, visiting
Silicon Valley experts, and tourists alike, the San Francisco Bay Area hospitality businesses thrive on being able to stay competitive. This means increasing profitability with quality productivity, which comes from adding the tech ingredient of POS solutions.

EZB Solutions has been specializing in retail management solutions in the area for over 10 years, catering to individual business needs and offering flexibility for retail businesses to manage in their own way.

Dinerware enables bars and restaurants to adopt POS software to easily adjust menus and prices, with simple quick-start guides, or even short instructional videos, bringing a user-friendly tech solution to the table, with a free trial.

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