Dear Client,

The team at EZB Solutions is proud to present our new web site, which is completely updated and full of information about our products and services. We’d love for you to visit our new site and send us any comments, suggestions or questions you may have about it, or our comprehensive list of products and services.

We also have updated our social media sites including Facebook, Linkedin and Google+ to have the same look and feel as our web site. We plan to use them to communicate with you and share useful information. Please visit these sites and add us to your social media contacts.

Plus, we also are proud to present our updated newsletter that includes:

  • Tips to make doing business easier
  • Articles that are relevant to your growing organization
  • Suggested products to help you to improve your retail business
  • Special offers and deals from EZB Solutions

We will keep sending out our informative newsletter once a month, so you can quickly get the information you need without taking time away from your business. I’m sure you will find our new monthly updates to be quite valuable.

Feel free to contact us at any time with your comments, suggestions or questions.

Ricardo Bezerra

EZB Solutions

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